LUCK TO BE A LADY     230x182 cm, 90.5x71.6 in, graphite on paper

YES, SIR     270x320 cm, 106.2x125.9 in, graphite on paper

FUNY FRANCESCA     270x270 cm, 106x106 in, graphite on paper


The expressive effect that can be achieved with reduced materials is an important issue that is reflected in artworks by Dace Lucia Kidd. Reduction does not necessarily entail simplicity, thus she attempts to allude to the complexity of contemporary art. These three works: LUCK TO BE A LADY, YES, SIR and FUNNY FRANCESCA were created in a series entitled, VIRTÚ. ANALYSES, within the Latvian Art Academy's graduating BMA degree program in painting.

230x182 cm<br>graphite on paper<br>2011 270x270 cm, 106x106 in<br>graphite on paper<br>2011 270x320 cm, 106.2x125.9 in and  230x182 cm, 90.5x71.6 in<br>graphite on paper<br>2011