Dimensions are variable; installation consist of three drawings, six tunes, lemons and the model of heart.
Paper, graphite, plastic, ready-made objects, paint, fruit and pins.


Destined for the halls of Munich's Kunstarkaden, Dace Lucia Kidd's installation entitled, "Visions and Decisions" illustrates the metamorphosis of street art within the context of a constantly changing urban landscape. She utilizes a unique mix of carefully selected mediums to build her own personal language which speaks to multiple human senses at once. Through her exploitation of self as character she merges the 'all access' nature of the street with its undeniable ability to be both lovely and yet ugly at the same time. Moving within three dimensions, she conjures multiple styles and traditional ideals to move the conversation with her art uncontrollably forward.

Full description of the project and the exhibition HEART ON THE STREET can be read here.

installation detail view<br>20x6x6 cm<br>lemons, paint, plastic<br>2011 175x495x381 cm 69x195x150 in<br>mixed media<br>2011<br>SOLD 175x495x381 cm 69x195x150 in<br>mixed media<br>2011 175x495x381 cm, 69x195x150 in<br>mixed media<br>2011 175x495x381 cm, 69x195x150 in<br>mixed media<br>2011 view<br>175x495x381 cm, 69x195x150 in<br>mixed media<br>2011 precess of making<br>175x495x381 cm, 69x195x150 in<br>mixed media<br>2011